lifting + UV day cream 40+

nanotechnology against wrinkles
Specialised lifting cream with moisturising formula. Effectively cares for mature skin 40+ during day.
Contains SPF 12 filter and protects the skin against harmful sunrays and photo-ageing.

• Re-builds internal skin structure.
• Smooths out deep and mimic wrinkles.
• Reduces surface wrinkles.
• Provides optimal lifting effect.

Wrinkle number reduced by 33%
Wrinkle area reduced by 40%
Wrinkle length reduced by 37%

* Results proven after a 56-day treatment in in vivo tests in France

Apply cream over cleansed skin and smooth it over with a delicate patting motion.
Recommended as a make-up base.
For night care we recommend the Lifting Solution night cream.

  • 50 ml
  • dry
  • mature / wrinkle prone
  • non-elastic
  • lifting solution