serum for eye and lips area 40+

nanotechnology against wrinkles
Specialised lifting serum, which intensely cares for mature skin 40 +.
Systematically used ensures lifting treatment, which effectively detains the skin’s ageing process of the lip and eye area.

high lifting activity the biopolymer consisting of sweet almond proteins
• Makes the skin smooth and elastic.
• Visibly improves the epidermis tone.
• Levels the micro hollows.

Wrinkle number reduced by 22%
Wrinkle area reduced by 32%
Wrinkle length reduced by 22%

* Results obtained in in-vivo tests 2 hours after product application.

Apply a small amount of cream on the skin under the eyes and around lips and leave until absorbed.
Use few times a week depending on the skin needs.

  • 30 ml
  • dry
  • mature / wrinkle prone
  • non-elastic
  • lifting solution